Covering a Sport You Know and Love


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The Lead

A great lead paragraph grabs the attention of readers and sets the tone for the rest of the article. If you are writing a feature article on a specific player, for example, your lead paragraph should reveal a little bit of that player’s personality or accomplishments. You can then expand on that in the article itself.

Covering a Sport You Know and Love

As a sports writer, you want to be able to convey to your readers that you are knowledgeable about the sport you are covering. You don’t need to be an expert in every aspect of the game you’re writing about, but you should have a strong understanding of what makes it unique and interesting.

Covering a familiar sport can make it easier for you to write about it and will likely increase your readership. It’s important to note, however, that you shouldn’t overdo it with statistics and records. Statistic overload can be a turn-off to readers who don’t understand the terminology.

If you are writing a feature article about a baseball player, for instance, your lead paragraph should reveal a little of the player’s personality or accomplishments. You should then expand on that in the article itself.

Another way to make a sports article stand out is to find creative ways to transport your reader to the event you’re covering. For example, if you’re covering the World Series or the U.S. Open, you can try mentioning a few of the players in the game or discussing the competition at the tournament.

You could also include a quick summary of the highs and lows of the team’s season. This will help you avoid repeating yourself while still delivering a valuable story.

Be a Fan of the Sport You’re Covering

A sport is about people, stats, and records. Your lead paragraph should also include some basic data about the team you’re covering, such as their winning percentage or average score per game.

Don’t Get Overly Technical

If you’re writing a feature article about a soccer player, for example, you can introduce the topic with an interview and then follow it up with concrete numbers and statistics. In contrast, if you’re writing about a horse race, it’s best to leave the statistics to the experts and focus on the personalities of the participants instead.