My South Meets North Indian Wedding – New Youtube video on my new youtube channel!

My South Meets North Indian Wedding – New Youtube video on my new youtube channel!

Hey Everyone,

How has your month been so far? I hope you are sticking to your new year goals as we are 6 months short of another new year! Phew, it feels weird to even write that. I say this every year, but, 2021 in particular flew by. I went to Ladakh in Feb, fell ill with Covid in April, recovered and have stayed put at home ever since. But I haven’t sat still in these past 2 months. I have probably created more meaningful content, mostly for Instagram, in these past 2 months than I did the entire last year combined. I also started this website anew after losing all my previous blog’s data in the hosting mishap of the year. So that counts as well right?

Speaking of creating content and meeting goals, one of my goals of 2021 was to re-start my YouTube journey and I am so glad to inform you that I have finally done so. I scraped my old channel(which mostly had 5 videos from 5 years ago) and started afresh with a new channel! And I have uploaded my first video – it is a very personal one so watch it with discretion! It is my wedding trailer.

My South Meets North Cross Cultural, Indian Wedding!

Our Cross Cultural Indian Love Story and Wedding! I am from Karnataka and my husband is from Rajasthan. We meet in college, dated for a decade, he faced issues with his parents because of our different cultural backgrounds but we never broke up and finally got married in 2020(touchwood). This is our love story. Our wedding had customs both from the south and north of India, which, for those unaware, are polar opposites. That’s the thing about India – its so huge that customs and cultures varies hugely from one state to another even though we are all mostly Hindu’s.

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See you all soonly.