Glamour Journals 2.0 by Sahana Ramanand: Honest, Unfiltered & Unapologetic!

Glamour Journals 2.0 by Sahana Ramanand: Honest, Unfiltered & Unapologetic!

New Site, New Energy but with the same soul. Welcome to my new website.

As you might have noticed, all my previous blog posts are currently gone. All 500 of them. Everything published since 2013.

What happened?

  • To put it simply, I screwed up. I forgot to renew my hosting and so, those guys are the amazing hosting service, deleted my site without even calling me once. Yes, they did email me like once or twice. But, I had smugly categorized emails from the hosting service into a different folder with a “forward all future mail” option enabled and ingeniously forgot to check that folder regularly.
  • Another subtle but very obvious reason is that I had stopped blogging altogether since 2019 and didn’t quite notice when my site was no longer accessible for almost 2 months by which time it was already deleted.

All in all, my site needed a new lease of life and here it is again! And this time, I plan to bring new vigor into my site. I want it to be exciting for both you and me so that we can go on this amazing journey together. Me writing new, relevant posts and you reading and giving me that nod of approval that I am so desperate for.

To do that, here are a few things that I will be regularly writing about:

  • Life updates but from a fashion, beauty and adventure perspective. Don’t come at me if sometimes, it gets dark too.
  • Collating and re-posting images from Instagram but with a new journal addition. After all, I put so much effort and imagination into those images that they should not be owned only by a platform that hardly recognizes or appreciates that creativity.
  • As my tagline suggests, my posts will mostly concentrate on slow fashion, clean beauty and wild adventures. Because honestly, those are the issues I currently take a stand on.
  • Marriage and domestic updates. That’s a whole new angle in my life and I am here to speak about it – both about its struggles and conquests.

That’s the direction I will be taking this site in with conscious efforts to keep it interesting for me and you. Interesting being the buzzword to ensure consistency from both our ends. I also have plans to start a YouTube career but, I have had that plan forever and I really haven’t done much about it. So I cannot promise on that front. It will happen when it has to happen. But, if it does happen, I will be posting those videos here too!

I also have my old blog backup from 2016 and I might upload a few old content. Especially those that are still relevant in 2021.

That’s it for today. See you all soon.

Life without fashion, beauty or adventure is as bland as food without Indian spices”

Sahana Ramanand 2021